What's new in INTAMSUITE V4.1

Separate Multi Mesh body (STL)

Monotonic fill in Top/Bottom

Adapitve Line Width

Raft-brim: Improve adhesion

Z Seam Line Default Settings

Remote Print Message

Material Update

1.Separate Multi Mesh body (STL)


  • Fix Mesh Issues
  • Slice part of the assembly model is possible

How to use

  • Select Multi mesh body model file
  • RMC and select Split model into parts


  • Check Mesh
  • Analyse Mesh
  • Fix Simple Hole
  • Fix Model Normal
  • Split Models into parts

2.Monotonic fill in Top/Bottom


  • Better top/bottom surface quality

  • Single direction when printing top or bottom infill

How to use

  • Check Monotonic Top/Bottom order option

3.Adaptive Line Width


  • Better surface quality
  • Less travel or small segments
  • Keep the wall count even the wall thickness is uneven

How to use

  • Default using adaptive line width options

4.Raft-brim: Improve adhesion


  • Improve adhesion in first layer
  • Improve print stability

How to use

  • Expand line/layer(under Experimental Tab)

Note: It is only available for FUNMAT PRO 610HT machine

5.Z Seam Line Default Settings


  • Preview Z seam lines
  • Put Z seam to corner in a line(provided options in advanced settings)

How to use

  • Select Model
  • Select User specified and set position
  • Slice

6.Remote Print Message

Optimized the reminding message before launching remote printing jobs:

Please confirm you have checked the following points:

  • Door is closed (the Lock is activated on printer)
  • Buildplate is inserted and empty
  • Glue is applied (if needed)

How to use

  • Connect your machine in Local Area Network -> Link
  • Connect Printer in INTAMSUITE and Slice the model
  • Start Print

7.Material Update

Printing Process Profiles regular Update

Material Change

  • FUNAMT PRO 410: Added ABS+, SP3030; Removed PEI9085, PEI1010, PPSU, SP3040
  • FUNAMT PRO 610HT: Removed SP3040

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