What's new in INTAMSUITE V3.8

Align face to build plate

Custom Support

Per Model Settings

Wipe Nozzle after several layers

Merge Small Line Segments

Skin Overlap Control

0.6mm/0.8mm Nozzles in PRO 610

1. Align face to build plate


  • Quickly Rotate
  • Find the best orientation easily

How to use it:

  • Select Model
  • Click Rotate > Select face to align to build plate Under Edit Ribbon Panel
  • Click on Model Surface to align

2. Custom Support


  • Strengthen support as design
  • Supplement to Auto support

How to use:

  • Select Model
  • Click Custom Support Under Edit Ribbon Panel
  • Adjust Support parameters
  • Click on Model Surface


  • Move along with Part
  • Support to build plate or part
  • Rectangle/Cylinder
  • Per model settings on each support element

3. Per Model Settings


  • Strengthen local area as needed
  • Different infill densities or layers

How to use:

  • Import model to align with main part

  • Click Per Model Under Edit Ribbon Panel

  • Select slicing parameters and model type

  • Click on Model Surface

Printer Supported:

  • As Normal part
  • As Support
  • As Non-Support
  • As Infill
  • As Overlap Part

Preview in detail:

e.g., Infill density is higher in the top area than in the middle area.


4. Wipe Nozzle after several layers


  • Wipe Nozzle after several layers to avoid the surface quality issue

How to use:

  • Enable Extruder Layer Clean up in Properties panel
  • set Interval Clean up layer num - X ( If continually using an extruder, after X layers, it will wipe extruder)
  • Slicing

5. Merge Small Line Segments


  • Reduce machine vibration by merging small line segments
  • Improve print quality

How to use:

  • Enable Small Segment Merge in Properties panel
  • Slicing

6. Skin Overlap Control


  • In top surface area using Skin Overlap to improve surface quality

How to use:

  • Change Skin Top Overlap and Skin Bottom Overlap separately in Properties panel
  • Slicing

7. 0.6mm/0.8mm Nozzles in PRO 610


  • Improve print efficiency

How to use:

  • Select PRO 610 machine

  • Modify Nozzle size on profile property panel

Printer Supported:

  • FUNMAT PRO 610

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